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Advantages Using Super Therm Ceramic Roof Coating On Reefers Trailer's, RV's, Tracker Homes, Horse Trailers & Containers

  • Ceramic Roof Coating saves fuel for food-hauling fleet

  • Causes Reefer unit from working really hard to keep things cool

  • Blocks sun’s ray’s and prevents trailer’s roof from becoming a heat sink

  • Ceramic coating is an insulated coating that also prevents moisture penetration and air infiltration over a surface

  • Longest lasting ceramic insulation coating on the market today

  • Reflects 95% of the 3 radiation sources from the sun which are ultraviolet, visual light and infrared rays

  • It is Energy Star qualified as a 20-year roof coating

  • Case studies in Phoenix have shown 20-29 percent less fuel on reefer trailer’s using Super Therm coating

  • Bare aluminum reefer trailers in Denver bake to 144 degrees on a moderately warm day, but measures only 54 degrees after it’s coated

  • Installing this product has proven to save enough in fuel costs to pay for itself within a year

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